The social universe is an ever changing medium where the need to know what someone is doing and where they are doing it are at the top of priority lists. With the amount of social mediums that exist, how do you go about choosing one or even a handful? Enter Snapverse, an app that takes an already common way of sharing a moment and gives it a interesting spin. I had the chance to download the free app on my iPod Touch and have been spending awhile using it. It has the potential to be the next major social app for the masses. Lets took a look at Snapverse in this review.

When you open up Snapverse for the first time, you will need to create a free account. After creating one, you are brought into a panned UI. “My feed”, “Popular”, and “Featured”. The “My Feed” will list all of the people you are currently following and you will be able to see all of their snaps. “Popular” will list all of the artists that are currently being used in the Snapverse. The main differentiating feature about Snapverse is that you pair music with short 20 second video clips to make any moment more memorable. You can click on an artist to see all of the snaps that have been made with that artists. “Featured” is a section made specifically to highlight artists that Snapverse wants you to see and pay attention to.

Making a snap is super easy. You click on the red recording button at the bottom center of the page and you are brought into the recording UI. You have the ability to start and pause the video as many times as you want within the 20 seconds. After recording what you want you hit the ‘done’ button. You then have the option of trimming your video length at your discretion. You are brought to the “Add Music” screen where you can add music by Featured, Artists, or Themes. You can choose to skip this screen all together if you’d like. Afterwards, you can preview your snap with the music you selected to make sure it lays out the way you want. The last thing you do before sharing it is adding a caption and tagging people or adding hashtags. You can also choose the privacy and whether you wan to share your snap to popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. When you are done deciding the previous you hit share and your snap is then published.

In Snapverse you also have the ability to share the snaps you view that you like, heart them and comment on them. You even have the ability to make a snap in response to an already existing snap. This is what is called a ‘Snapback’ and is quite a catchy name.

I know that established social networks like Instagram and Vine have ways of sharing short videos and hashtags but its the underlying music aspect that makes Snapverse different and its an important differentiating factor. We all have different musical tastes and your mood can and will vary from week to week. Being able to convey how you feel to your friends or followers on Snapverse is important and with a near endless selection of music to choose from, ‘Snapping’ can never become dull.

Snapverse is again a free app download for both iPhone and iPod Touch. There is no Android version at present but perhaps that is in the card later when the time is right. While Snapverse isn’t at Vine or Instagram popularity levels, with its unique spin I see it gaining very very quickly.

Thanks goes out to Brian Gross for telling me about this app and having the chance to review it. Thank you!

Source: Snapverse