AT&T’s enhanced push to talk service has been something that they have been offering for a while but it was only for a select few handsets.  Thanks to a new app for iOS, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 can finally partake in these same services. Also in addition AT&T’s enhanced  push to talk can also be used over wifi which gives you access to any Wi-Fi point including AT&T’s 32,000 hot spots around the country.

For those who aren’t familiar, this is what push to talk for iPhone will include:

  • Larger contact lists and talk groups than competitive push-to-talk solutions
  • Ability to combine push-to-talk services and mobile applications, with help available from AT&T’s team of mobility consulting and integration experts
  • Supervisory override that allows supervisors to communicate important time sensitive messages to their team
  • Call setup in less than one second

Source: AT&T