For all the fans of the Dead or Alive series, get pumped! Team Ninja announced today that they will be releasing Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, which will have new characters, stages, and modes from Dead or Alive 5 as well as brand new content. The tutorial stage and Moves Detail Plus will be in Ultimate, and Momiji from the Ninja Gaiden series will be added to the game, along with several other new characters. Numerous Ninja Gaiden stages are going to be included in Ultimate as well. Yosuke Hayashi, the leader of Team Ninja said ““Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is a great addition to our franchise. The game has a lot to offer and we’re excited that our fans will have the opportunity to enjoy an experience that delivers on our signature high energy fighting entertainment.” Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate will be coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 this fall, so be sure to pick it up as soon as possible!


Via: IGN