AT&T announced today that they will be bringing their Digital Life service to fifteen US markets including the following (according to Windows Phone Central):
• Atlanta
• Austin,Texas
• Boulder, Colo.
• Chicago
• Dallas
• Denver
• Houston
• Los Angeles
• Miami
• Philadelphia
• Riverside, Calif.
• San Francisco
• Seattle
• St. Louis
• Select areas of the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area

There are plans for AT&T to bring their Digital Life Service to 50 markets by the end of this year. If you are interested in the app, there are two packages to choose from: Smart Security and Simple Security. Smart Security is the more “deluxe” package. It starts at 40 dollars per month, along with a 250 dollar installation fee. Smart Security allows you to choose up to three additional features like a motion sensor, glass break sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, smoke sensor, or takeover kit. Additional packages are also available for between 5-10 dollars per month, along with the standard installation fee. Simple Security is the more standard system and can be yours for 30 dollars per month and an installation fee of 150 dollars. Seeing as how AT&T consistently delivers amazing services, I suggest for everyone to check out their Digital Life Service.


Via: Windows Phone Central