A lot of things were revealed at T-Mobile’s UnCarrier event today, and in this article I will highlight all the major news.

First of all, it was announced that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to arrive at T-Mobile on May 1st. The date is tentative, so it could arrive sooner or later. Pricing plans for the phone are not known yet, but T-Mobile’s other LTE phones will be going for the price of $100, plus a $20 monthly payment that will go on for 2 years, so the same could apply to the S4.

For those waiting for an Apple product to come to T-Mobile, well, you are in luck. The iPhone 5 will be available online and in retail stores on April 12th, but you will be able to pre-order an iPhone 5 beginning on April 5th. The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S will be coming to select markets as well, but not much else is known on that matter. As for the pricing for the iPhone 5, you will be able to put $100 down and pay $20 per month for the next 2 years. The 4S will be $70 down with the aforementioned $20 monthly installments. The iPhone 4 will be $15 down, but instead of $20 monthly payments, it will instead of $15 monthly payments. The pricing is great and will have a hand in drawing in more customers. The Blackberry Z10 is also coming to T-Mobile. It is already listed on its website. A customer can pick up the Z10 and pay a $100 down payment with an $18 monthly payment for 2 years. The UnCarrier also listed that a customer can also pay for the Z10 with $532 up front.

It was also announced that the Apple online stores, as well as Apple retail shops, will be selling the new, updated A1428 iPhone 5 model starting on April 12th, which has the same model number as the one that AT&T is selling, however Apple is only enabling support of AWS bands from the factory on the new model, and people already owning an A1428 iPhone will not be able to use a software update or patch to integrate the AWS support. On the A1428’s launch, it will come unlocked out of the box. Customers can pay T-Mobile’s $99.99 up front price right at an Apple retail store. Apple has also confirmed that the new A1428 will support the AT&T LTE network, so if you own a T-Mobile iPhone 5, it can run on that AT&T network if it’s unlocked. T-Mobile also announced at its UnCarrier event that Wi-Fi Calling will not be on their iPhone, which is unfortunate

As for the pricing of T-Mobile’s iPhone 5, it will be going for the price of $579. CEO John Legere announced that the AWS-equipped phone that I mentioned above will go for $99 plus 2 year monthly payments of $20, contract free. However, if a customer pays that way, the device will remain locked until it’s fully paid for. The cheapest monthly plan for said iPhone is $50 for 500MB of data and unlimited calling and texting a month. T-Mobile offers cheaper payment options than Apple, so that is always a plus. Also during the event, it was confirmed that if you purchase one of T-Mobile’s phones under their new UnCarrier system, you’ll have to buy it out, but you will be able to keep making monthly payments, or even trade it in for another device. If you end up trading it in, you will get “fair market credit” which determines the value of the phone traded in. All the phones will be locked, however.

Like I mentioned above, T-Mobile’s iPhone 5 will have AWS support, which will support HSPA+ in addition to LTE support. Even if you live outside an LTE coverage area, you can still get 42Mbps data on the T-Mobile network. It will also have HD Voice calling, which is always a plus. T-Mobile also announced their new UnCarrier plans, which also appear on their website. Called “Simple Choice”, all of the new plans have unlimited talk and text, but vary with data options. The $50 option comes with 500 MB of high-speed data, with rates going down to 2G speeds if you go over the limit. You can get 2GB of data for $10 more ($60), and an unlimited 4G data plan will go for $70. If you want to have a second line, you will have to pay an extra 30 dollars, with each additional line costing $10. Seven cities will also be receiving T-Mobile’s LTE service. Baltimore, Kansas City, Houston, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Jose, and Washington D.C. will be first cities to take advantage of the UnCarrier’s 4G Network and new Simple Choice plans.

A new LTE mobile hotspot as announced at the UnCarrier event- the Sonic 2.0. It is T-Mobile’s first LTE mifi and it can support up to eight devices. The Sonic 2.0 is also compatible with MAX OSX 10.8 as well as Windows 8. It has a 1.77-inch color LCD on the front of the device, a 3000 mAh battery, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, as well as quadband LTE and 3G radios. Also included on the Sonic 2.0 is a MicroSD slot, which can hold up to 32GB. Pricing isn’t known yet, but it will be available by the end of the month.


Via: Engadget