It’s no secret that the 1st party apps that exist in Windows 8 aren’t where they need to be at this point in time. As much as I would love to jump into to Mail or look at upcoming events in Calendar, these apps are just too slow to open and lack significant functionality. Microsoft has known this the be the case which is why tomorrow, several key apps are being updated.




Mail gains several nice updates. You can now edit, add and delete hyperlinks from within emails. You can also edit numbered and bulleted lists. There is also now support for smart contact suggestions, flagging, and the ability to search on the server.




Crazy that you couldn’t do this before but now from the People App you will be able to post on your Facebook friends wall. New navigation is now presents that makes it easier to mover between Twitter/Facebook and see whats new with your friends.




The Calender gets updated with some slight UI tweaks that make reading it much easier. There is now a new “Work Week” view and for those use a Microsoft Exchange accounts, a new scheduling assistant.

While there are many other apps such as Music and Video that needs to be overhauled, the fact that Microsoft is trying means a lot.

Via: Microsoft News

Source: Windows Experience Blog