When I found out earlier this year that there was going to be a graphical remake of Final Fantasy X, one of the most popular games of said franchise and my favorite video game of all time, I was ecstatic. Final Fantasy X was the game that changed my life and turned me into the gamer I am today. I remember one night, I was in my garage looking for something, and I stumbled upon a box of my older brother’s belongings. In the box I found the case for Final Fantasy X with the game inside, as well as the strategy guide. Curious, I decided to pop the game into my PlayStation 2 and see where it took me. Let’s just say that I stayed up until 7 am that night playing the game and the rest is history. Now that there is a graphical remake of the game coming out, my love for the game will grow even stronger. I will be able to play it on the PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita, which will make the experience feel like new. The game was original released in 2001, and had top-notch graphics that still hold up extremely well to this day, so it will be interesting to see how the newly updated HD graphics improve the already amazing experience of the game. This game out came out 12 years ago when I was 9, but I didn’t experience it until later in life, so when the remake comes out on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, I think it will bring in new fans that were too young to experience the game on the PlayStation 2. Final Fantasy X is one of the most acclaimed games of the series, and I think it will revitalize it in a way, since, in my opinion anyway, the Final Fantasy series has been in a bit of a downturn after the release of Final Fantasy 12. The series has become stagnant and the games aren’t memorable anymore. So, this remake will breathe fresh air into the franchise and just reiterate the fact that the Final Fantasy franchise is a force to be reckoned with.

After I finished playing and beating Final Fantasy X for the first time, I knew I had to finish Yuna’s story, so I bought a copy of Final Fantasy X-2. While I was not a huge fan of its gameplay, it was still a fun, interesting game overall and had amazing graphics just like Final Fantasy X. A lot of people disliked the game because of its “Charlie’s Angels” theme and the fact that the three main characters were all female, the multiple endings, the need to constantly keep track of your progress so you can get a perfect completion percentage, and the fact that it was an unworthy sequel. Many argued that the sequel to Final Fantasy X should have starred Jecht and Auron, two characters from the previous game. When I found out that in addition to Final Fantasy X, that this game would be getting a graphical remake as well, I was intrigued. Besides the fact that the already amazing graphics of the game will be improved, I think it may back fans that were originally skeptical of the game. While this is purely just a graphical remake, I think this will get people interested in X-2 again. Final Fantasy X-2 is more lighthearted in material and subject matter than the other games in the series and makes for a fun experience that gamers of this generation should be able to see for themselves.

The Final Fantasy series contains some of the best RPG games of all time that still hold true to this day. I am glad that two of my favorite games of all time will be receiving the all-star treatment they truly deserve. Hopefully the graphical remakes of Final Fantasy X and X-2 will create buzz for an amazing series and bring new fans to the franchise.