With PAX East happening today, there have been many exciting gaming announcements, and this is one of them. Capcom has officially confirmed Dungeons & Dragons Chronicles of Mystara, which is a new collection that will be heading to Steam, Xbox Live Arcade, PSN, and the Wii U eShop in June for $14.99, or 1200 Microsoft Points. This new collection will include Tower of Doom and Shadow of Mystara. There will be an option to play with up to four players, as well as having drop-in/drop-out online multiplayer. One of the more interesting features is that players will be able to change the game mechanics using a new “house rules” system, which will make for an exciting experience. If you are accessing this game on the Wii U, you will able to use the GamePad for item management. Online leaderboards will also be a feature. This sounds like an exciting game, so be sure to pick it up!


Via: IGN