T-Mobile is the last carrier to have any type of LTE and they have been gearing to roll it out in two test markets; both Las Vegas and Kansas City. Considering that T-Mobile has been targeting 2013, the end of March to be exact for the launch, you are probably wondering that devices will support the to be nascent LTE network.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note II and you are on T-Mobile, T-Mobile is pushing out an update that will enable your phone to take advantage of the new network speeds. Also keep in mind that The Galaxy S IV, new LTE enabled Galaxy S III and BlackBerry Z10 will also be LTE capable fleshing out T-Mobile’s lineup.

T-Mobile hopes to have over 200 million people covered by the end of 2013. That quite the ambitious roll-out. Sprint, you should probably consider rolling out LTE here in Las Vegas. T-Mobile is going to beat you to it.

Via: Pocketnow