There are many rumors running rampant regarding the Pokémon X & Y games that are being released this October. Many Pokémon fans are clamoring to find new details about the games before they come out. The Pokémon board on the 4Chan website has become a hub for rumors regarding the games. An anonymous user who uses the screen name “Mr.XY” divulged several supposed details and inside information about the upcoming Pokémon X & Y games, which I will recap for you in this article.

Despite previous claims, according to Mr.XY, the characters will not be customizable. Trainers will now have their own separate leveling system which will determine how other characters and NPC’s react to you. The leveling system will also grant the trainer various bonuses like increased capture rate, and having rarer Pokémon appear. There will also supposedly be a new key item available for use in game called a “Whistle.” The whistle can be used once per battle, and has different effects, like having the ability to wake up your Pokémon and snap it out of confusion. It sounds like the whistle acts like a Full Heal or other status changing item.

The happiness meter that fans know and love will apparently be no more. Mr.XY revealed that a bond level will replace the happiness meter, and much like the leveling system for trainers, a higher bond level will have bonuses, like more EXP gained for your Pokémon, as well as higher stat gains. The bond level bonuses and the whistle feature are able to be turned off if a trainer is in a PVP battle, if you wish to have a more competitive match. There will also be a new item introduced called a Bond-EYE, which will enable the player to view the capture rate and nature of wild Pokémon. The Bond-EYE will also act similar to the Miiverse in Nintendo Land in that it will allow players to view visual avatars of other trainers and allow them end messages, trade requests, and battle requests.

One of the rumors I found most interesting is the addition of wireless co-op play. One player will act as a leader in battle, while the 2nd player will assist and aid. If this is indeed true, it will be interesting to see how it plays out. If you are not able to use the wireless co-op play option, there will supposedly be a juice bar in each town where you can talk to a NPC and have them assist you. On another note, the Pokédex will resemble a tablet and come with a 3D display which will show off Pokémon models and allow the player to read descriptions of said Pokémon, listen to its cries, view its location(s), and view comments made by other trainers about the Pokémon in question. I think this will be an amazing feature to the game if the rumor is true. Another rumor I found worth nothing was that if a trainer has excess money, they will be able to store it in a bank where it can accumulate interest and grant the trainer special gifts.

Now, this is where the rumors made by Mr.XY get really interesting. By using a special wristwatch device, a trainer will be able to travel 30 years into the past where they will encounter different characters, different layouts, and most importantly, different wild Pokémon. The rivals of the Pokémon X & Y games are called Team Gear, and they will apparently disturb events in the past that, in turn, change the present, which will obviously cause problems for the trainer and the world he/she lives in. According to Mr.XY, there will be a part in the game where a trainer has to travel to the past and catch a Munchlax in order to clear a road that contains a Snorlax in the future. This means that past generations of Pokémon may have a larger presence in this game, especially since the X & Y games will apparently only feature 99 new Pokémon, with most of them being baby Pokémon or new evolutions of current Pokémon.

Finally, to round out this article, the name of the Professor featured in this game will supposedly be Professor Bristle, and the trainer’s rival will be named Ricki, who is a magazine writer who wishes the document the strange events that are happening in the past. Sylveon, the new Eeveelution will start out as a Normal Pokémon and evolve bases on the bond level you have with it. There will also be a total of 6 legendary Pokémon in this game. In addition to Xerneas and Yveltal, there are “four black and white Pokémon based on card suits: a cobra with a heart-shaped hood and tail, a tiger with diamond patterns, a t-rex with spade-shaped eyes, and a peacock with a club-shaped tail,” according to Mr.XY. New Pokémon type combinations will also be introduced, like Fire/Ice and Dark/Electric. The types of the final evolutions of the starter Pokémon (Froakie, Fennekin, and Chespin) will apparently be Water, Fire/Psychic, and Grass/Flying.

These rumors are a lot to take in, and if the claims made by Mr.XY are true, then we are in for an amazing game with a lot of new features that will make for a terrific playing experience. Keep your eyes on the Technocove website for more details and news regarding the new Pokémon games. See you later gamers.


Via: The Gamer’s Hub