There are always new innovations in the gaming market. New games and consoles come out every day that have amazing new features and capabilities. One of those consoles is the Hyperkin Retro 3, which is able to play NES, SNES, and Genesis games all in one single unit (much like the Retro Duo Portable I reviewed). Hyperkin just announced their newest console, the Retron 4. One of the more interesting things about this new console is the addition of Game Boy Advance compatibility. HDMI output will be included as well. The new Retron 4 sounds a bit more high tech than its competitors, with such features like a wireless Bluetooth controller and digital user interface. There will also be 2 controller ports for each platform, with 6 in total. 4 cartridge ports (NES, SNES, Genesis, and GBA) will be featured on the console as well. Like I mentioned above, HDMI output will be included with digital signal conversion. The Retron 4 will be PAL and NTSC compatible. Hyperkin will be unveiling the Retron 4 system at the Midwest Gaming Classic in Wisconsin on Saturday March 23rd, so keep your eyes on the Technocove website for more details and updates as they become known!


Via: Kotaku