Today at AT&T’s Keynote Developer Summit, three lucky developers had the chance to win $30000 for AT&T’s Fast Pitch competition. They featured #1 Ruggero Scorcini’s Good Times, #2 Mark Davis’ Hear Here, and #3 Brad Roller’s Talk to You Now. One that particularly stood out for me and those who can relate being either an otaku or a cat lover was Ruggero Scorconi’s Good Times which featured a hacked Nekomimi. The Nekomimi is a headpiece developed by neurowear which reads the wearer’s emotions via a receiver on their forehead. Emotions are relayed through the iconic ears that feature the “Neko” or cat in Nekomimi and the ears will move accordingly being erect when alert, twitching when thinking, etc.

Scorcini came onto the stage sporting a one-eared Nekomimi looking quite strange in comparison to his fellow developer comrades. When it was his turn to give a two minute description of his app, he announced he took off an ear to figure out what made Nekomimi tick. The Good Times app uses the Nekomimi to determine if the user is emotionally stable enough to take a call. As an example, he asked an assistant to call him while he was on stage. The call got rejected on the basis of stage fright – in other words, the device determined he was not emotionally stable enough to take the call.

While wearing cat ear headpieces is not a realistic daily reality for most of us, this app is a great step forward into a market which may not only keep us from letting our tongue slip to a spouse or manager, but making sure whatever moves we make in the future are emotionally stable decisions.

Congratulations to Ruggero Scorcini for winning the Fast Pitch competition!