When I look upon my days as a child unwrapping presents on Christmas morning, I remember them as happy, joyful, and worry-free. Apparently, that wasn’t the case for one family on Christmas this year. Mark Giles, a father from Colorado, purchased a refurbished 3DS system from GameStop for his 5 year old son. Seems like an awesome present right? However, the 3DS contained several pornographic images on it. The pictures were discovered by the 5 year old and his older brother. When GameStop refurbishes devices, clearing and wiping personal data from said devices is usually the top priority, so this case is a bit unsettling. To clear the air and make amends, GameStop reportedly sent Mark Giles and his family a brand new 3Ds with games, however, Mark Giles still isn’t satisfied, saying this in an interview with KUSA 9News: “He’s 5 years old. Maybe when he’s 18 or 20, maybe he won’t know anything about it, but he’s not going to forget about this tomorrow.”

Hopefully this incident don’t totally ruin the little boy’s holiday. I’m glad that GameStop at least reached out and tried to make amends. It’s sad to see these types of things happen to a family on Christmas though.


Source: The Verge