As a huge fan of League of Legends and StarCraft, I was excited to go to IPL5. Gaming fans from all over the globe came to The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada to partake in all the activities that IPL had to offer. Various tournaments were held to see which pro team was the best of them all. The Technocove team had the opportunity to go to IPL 5 and witness this awesome event in action, which I will recap below.

Aaron and I, unfortunately, were not able to go Thursday, but on Friday, we woke up bright and early to head to the Cosmopolitan. We first headed into a room where they were showcasing Shootmania Storm, which is an upcoming first person shooter game by Ubisoft and Nadeo. Beta keys were also given out to attendees, and as soon as I got home, I immediately downloaded it. The game itself is actually quite simplistic in my opinion. There are only 2 environments to play in so far, and a rocket-launcher type weapon is the main artillery used throughout the game. However, the game is quite addictive and quite fast paced. I was sucked in immediately, and I can already tell that this will be my next gaming addiction.

After playing Shootmania for a bit, we decided to watch a League of Legends match between the pro teams of BlackBean and AzubuBlaze. I am a big fan of AzubuBlaze, so I was rooting for them. The game was EXTREMELY one-sided, and AzubuBlaze won quite easily. It seemed like BlackBean didn’t really have the greatest chemistry in my opinion, and I feel like they weren’t able to counter the other team as well, and were quite timid and didn’t know when to initiate. I think AzubuBlaze had a better strategy, and it worked out well for them. It was definitely surreal to watch a League of Legends match in person with an audience; I am just so used to watching streams on my subpar laptop. Definitely a great thing to experience. During the match, I got up to answer a phone call and I actually ran into Scarra from Team Dignitas. He was an extremely cool guy, and it was awesome to see a player I look up to and admire.

The events of Saturday were even better than Friday, in my opinion. My friend Tyler and I started off the day by playing some good ‘ole Shootmania. We started off on Melee mode, I was mainly trolling the whole time, but nonetheless, it was awesome being able to play. I was intrigued by multi-player mode as well, so I tried it out with some of my fellow gamers, and even though it was chaotic, it was quite enjoyable. I definitely recommend all my readers to get Shootmania as soon as possible. After that, I was aching to watch a League of Legends match, and it turns out that the 2nd round of the CurseNA and CurseEU matchups were starting. This game was so much better than the game I watched yesterday. It was more evenly matched. CurseEU had an early lead in CS and pushed the lanes early on, but CurseNA prevailed and won the 2nd round, tying it up 1-1. After a short break, the teams returned to play in the final round. CurseNA totally destroyed CurseEU to win. Their Katarina got totally overpowered and just completely owned everybody. They also had Voyboy top lane playing as Gragas, who totally destroyed EU’s Jax, who was expected to take that lane. Although EU had a Karthus that took a few kills courtesy of his ultimate, NA had better teamwork and cooperation and therefore won their matchup against EU. After watching those games, I decided to leave the room and explore some more. I actually ran into Phreak. I was completely overwhelmed and barely squeaked out a “Hi!” It was awesome to see a person that has such a huge presence in the League of Legends community.

All in all, I had an amazing time at IPL5. It was fun being able to watch matches and just enjoy the surroundings with all my fellow gamers. I will definitely go again next year. Thank you to IGN for putting on an amazing event, and thank you to The Cosmopolitan for providing a great venue for IPL5. See you later gamers.