When a Samsung Galaxy phone is brought up in conversation, most jump to talk about the new Galaxy III.  It seems that when a new version of a device is made, the predecessors are pushed into the back of the collective mind.  However the Samsung Galaxy S III doesn’t have a keyboard and for those looking for one, T-Mobile and Samsung have thrown you a bone in the form of the Galaxy S Relay 4G. Is it worth your time? Find out in the full review.


The Galaxy S Relay was the template for the S II and S III,  so naturally it has a similar design to both, though it is thicker and heavier.  It also has a QWERTY keyboard, unlike the later versions, and also has one on-screen.  It has a physical home button, in the center, volume rocker on the left side, and the power/sleep button on the right.  On each side of the speaker at the top of the phone, a notification light (seen on the left) and a front-facing camera (seen on the right).  It also has a 2.0 micro-USB charging port, located at the bottom.


As per the standard of the more recent Android phones, the Galaxy S has a 4.0 Super AMOLED touchscreen, equipped with Gorilla Glass technology.  Has satisfactory color and image quality with 233 ppi, great for watching videos or playing games, and is also multi-touch.


The Samsung Galaxy S uses the Samsung S5PC110 “Hummingbird” core processor, and has 512 MB of ram.  This phone also runs Android 2.2 and 2.3.  The Galaxy S has 8-16 GB of storage and 32 GB with a MicroSD card.  With a 1500 mah battery, this phone can easily get through the day, even with extensive browsing (with the Power Saving feature turned on, which is recommended .  It also has 3.0 Bluetooth capability, an invaluable feature for those who are constantly on their phones hands-free.


The Galaxy S uses the Samsung TouchWiz 3.0 user interface, which allows shortcuts to be placed at the bottom of the lock and home screens, and easy rearrangement of icons as well.  It has 5 home screens, which is wonderful for people who use a numerous amount of applications and need to organize them.


This model uses a 5 megapixel camera, and the picture quality is quite crisp and clear.  Even when taking night shots, the pictures come out nicely.  The zoom feature is also useful, and goes up to 4 times, for those more distant shots.  Also has the panorama shot feature, which I like the best, and is great for taking pictures of landscapes or large groups of people.


It shoots in 720p for video with excellent quality, day and night.  Even with the glare of the sunlight in the shot, everything can still be seen.  Colors are vibrant, and in the first video the birds are heard as clearly in the video as I heard them while I was shooting.  Definitely good for making videos of the kids, or your pets, or just to mess around.

Phone Quality

Overall, a decent phone with great call quality, and no drops.  Text messages send quickly even to people out of state, and replies are received just as fast.  The 4G was at pretty decent speeds wherever I went, though the signal wavered.  The device itself has a nice feel to it and can even survive a few drops.  This is a great phone for anyone who wants to start getting into using Smartphones; it’s simple to use and very functional.

Source: T-Mobile